Whether you have just qualified or been ‘lashing’ for years, this Skill building Individual (classic) eyelash extension coaching session is ideal for anyone wanting to really enhance their knowledge and skills. Take your lash career to a whole new level and really stand out from the crowd.

Julie will tailor your time to best meet your needs. You can go through any of the Individual eyelash extension or Skill Building course content that includes the anatomy and physiology of eyes and lashes, all about eyelash extensions, basic styling and mapping, mixing eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses and curls, working with lash layers, 8 lash designs, styling considerations, lash mapping, building volume on the natural lash, understanding volume, using novelties, products required and how they work, consultations, recognising contra-indications, gaining informed consent, patch testing, dealing with contra-actions, application and removal, longevity, aftercare, maintenance, general troubleshooting or tips for speed and accuracy.

What’s more, you get your own 74 page full colour Skill building learning support guide and access to the beginners individual learning support guide that you can print if you wish. It comes with ongoing advisory support so this package is priceless!


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