Skill Building

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Individually applied lash extensions can take our treatments to great lengths, but it does not stop there. You will learn new techniques so you can safely create density and / or fluffiness to any lash line, no matter how challenging. This will take your creativity to a whole new level.


Since you started out, you are probably doing one or more things:


  • using the same curl and thickness on the same client
  • generally doing the same ‘style’ for everyone
  • not quite creating the thickness or density that’s craved
  • not using the natural lash layers to your advantage
  • not using colour to their advantage


All that’s going to change!


Lash Mapping

This module covers how to assess and map your lash design. Mapping is a technique to guide your placement of each particular lash extension to create your look.


Using Novelties

This module introduces you to lash artistry.  There has been a growing interest in lash artistry or fantasy for competitions, marketing as well as more general wear for festivities and celebrations. We will cover the basics so you can start using glitter and crystals safely.