Individual Classic Eyelash Extension Course

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You will find information and videos that form part of your course materials. There’s also additional information and tools to help you get your business up and running.

Your Classic eyelash extension course is in 3 parts. This is to structure your learning.

Part 1 Pre reading and practice

Allow at least 30 hours to complete this stage at times to suit you
 18 hours to study the three Learning Support Guides
 2 hours to complete the two exercises in your Learning Support Guide (book 1b)
 3 hours to study the videos in this Student Zone
 2 hours to complete your knowledge test. This must be done at least 7 days before Part 2
 3 hours to practice isolating a training lash with tweezers in your non-dominant hand (You will receive some tweezers and lashes)
 2 hours to practice picking up extensions with tweezers in your dominant hand (You will receive some tweezers and lashes)

Part 2 One day session covering theory and practice with Julie

An intensive 9 hour session on a specified date with your tutor.

Part 3 Consolidate your learning and develop your skills

Allow up to 30 hours at times to suit you
 Complete 5 case studies within 8 weeks of your part 2 session
 Submit photographs and self-reflections for each for assessment as you complete them. Use the self-reflection template.
 Receive feedback from Julie after each case study that should be used to help you with the next one
 On successful completion of your 5th case study, you will earn your certification



Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Course

This module will teach you how to: <ul> <li>hold your tweezers safely</li> <li>use your tweezers to isolate an eyelash in readiness for treatment</li> <li>to pick up and handle eyelash extensions</li> </ul> You need to spend at least 3 hours isolating a training lash with tweezers in your non-dominant hand. This is the hand you don't write with. Please spend a least 2 hours picking up and handling extensions with tweezers in your dominant hand. This is the hand you write with. It is wise to do this in short bursts rather than all at once. If you diligently complete these tasks before Part 2 of your course where you spend time with Julie, you will be and feel more confident in using your tweezers.



This module covers consultations. They are essential to ensure that your client is suitable for treatment at the time. It is the means to gain their informed consent to treat them and for finding out what they want and if it’s achievable. You also need to perform a ‘patch test’ to ensure that they’ll be okay with your products, even if they have been treated elsewhere recently. You will find tools that you can download and use for your business too. These include the Suitability and Consent form, a Service Record and a proforma letter that your clients can use to seek consent from their medical practitioners to treat if needs be.


Eyelash Extension Removal

The module covers eyelash extension removal and you’ll learn 3 techniques. You’ll need to remove  extensions if: <ul> <li>a client suffers a reaction after their patch test</li> <li>at the start of an infill for any that are damaged, not poorly attached or grown out</li> <li>during treatment where you apply one that you’re not happy with</li> <li>where they’ve been applied elsewhere and the quality is poor</li> </ul> where they’ve been applied elsewhere and you don’t infill other people’s work so you can account for the quality of the set



This module covers infills. They are routinely done every 2-3 weeks to maintain your clients look. They should have at least 50% of their original treatment in place and how it lasts depends on your client’s eyelash cycle, lifestyle and post treatment care.


Business And Advice

This module covers some basic business and general advice when working with your clients. It covers the questions that Julie sees and hears time and again on Social Media sites and forums. You may find this particularly useful of you are new to the beauty industry.


Case Studies

The module covers the third and final part of your course, being your case study requirements. You can access all the treatment forms that you will need (Suitability and Consent and Service Record) along with your self-reflection template. Once you have submitted your case studies, they will be assessed and to ensure that you have successfully completed your course. You will receive your certificate where you can then treat clients once you have the appropriate level of insurance cover. This course is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists and Lash Inc. who offer cover to students.